A brave new world? The new normal? Life as we know it?
There’s no doubt that globally Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has changed everything. It’s caused businesses to close, relationships to change and our daily habits may never be the same.


Supermarket queues

We’ve all queued at supermarkets in phase one, when the population (oddly) decided to horde toilet rolls, we’ve seen staff behind perspex sneeze screens on checkouts, wearing masks or perspex visors. Many of the public have now adopted these practices too.

You may wear a face mask or visor, you may wear disposable gloves and have watched the rising death rate across the world.

What has become obvious too, from government messages to overt instructions in businesses, its that hand-washing is vital to stop the spread of this virus.

You’ve seen it in supermarkets, who have remained open during lockdown, with baskets and trolleys sprayed before each use, and hand sanitiser squirted and rubbed in before entering the hunt for toilet rolls.

Non-essential businesses

In this current phase, non-essential businesses are slowly re-opening.

We say non-essential, loosely, as many of you and us, would regard a hair cut more than once every 4 months as vital.

Walk down any high street and you’ll see the open doors of beauty salons, barbers and hairdressers with strict protocols on booking with no walk-in appointments.

You see they want contact to be through digital means – a phone call or message on social media or via an app – rather than in person in tightly controlled premises.


Beauty salons and safety 

Once you’ve made that appointment, you will inevitably be greeted by someone in a perspex visor and expected to pay by contactless means.

We know too, judging by the vast public information strategy, that keeping your customers’ hands clean in a beauty salon is of paramount importance.

What no business wants is a customer with dirty hands.

Supermarkets have already made this largely habitual – so your customers will be easy to convert to this hand sanitising habit.


Use Dainty & Heaps hand sanitiser to stay germ free!

Supermarkets have already made this largely habitual – so your customers will be easy to convert to this hand sanitising habit.


Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can inactivate many types of microbes very effectively when used correctly.

There are some points we’d like to make though – customers need to be encouraged to use enough to make it effective and allow it to dry naturally and if hands are already greasy or dirty, effectiveness is compromised.

Beauty salons work in close proximity with customers – you can’t apply a facial, wax legs one or two metres away so risks have to be totally eliminated, though some of these actions are still prohibited until further government advice.

Hand sanitiser in free standing bottles, that you flip and squirt or with a pump action, need to be easily visible, with signage politely instructing their use.

What you then don’t want to do is to run out of sanitiser when your order book is likely to be bursting at the seams with customers wanting a hair restyle after 4 months of lockdown.


The Dainty & Heaps 500ml Pump top bottle

The Dainty & Heaps 500ml Pump top bottle is the perfect desktop companion


That’s where we can help.

We don’t exploit the current situation by inflating prices of hand sanitisers for hard-pressed businesses; we don’t have excessive minimum orders.

You can order 25 x 500 ml in pump or flip form today. If your salon footfall is extensive, you may want to buy four 5 litre cartons to top up the smaller units.

You can see our full range here.

You’re in safe hands with Dainty&Heaps.