There are several aspects of life that the Dainty&Heaps team have noticed during lockdown:


  1. Wildlife seems to be more abundant
  2. Roads are quieter with schools closed and staff furloughed
  3. We’ve become a nation of cyclists
  4. We all need hair cuts (link to beauty salon blog)
  5. Our body weight has increased

You may be able to add more – feel free to contribute here on or any of our active social media pages. 


Are you missing playing or watching sport?

One aspect of live though that some of the team, and, we guess, many of you miss is sport; whether that’s playing football, watching sport live, running on a treadmill or swimming.

Many public and private gyms and swimming pools closed months ago, when Covid 19 struck, although re-opening is imminent. This is good news if you like weightlifting, cycle spinning, hot tubs, saunas and pools but something of a worry, perhaps, for gym and leisure facility owners. 

Perspex visors and face masks would be impossible to use swimming – unless Speedo or Zoggs invent coronavirus-resistant goggles? 

Lifting weights or doing circuits is strenuous work and not one you’d jump for joy with, if a face mask was compulsory.


Use Dainty & Heaps hand sanitiser to stay germ free!

Supermarkets have already made this largely habitual – so your customers will be easy to convert to this hand sanitising habit.


So how could a gym sale reopen and how can we help your business?

Gyms and leisure facilities are re-opening imminently. Many generously froze monthly payments for members, but now they need people exercising in their fitness temples. 

If you’ve ventured into a retail centre and queued for say Apple, you will know that they insist on masks being worn, have a strict accompanied shopping experience and even ask you health-related questions and take your temperature and record your ID.

A gym could easily replicate this – as it has membership details on systems, which is great for tracking and tracing in case of a local outbreak.


Could face masks be made compulsory in gyms?

They could, but, as we said earlier, it would be difficult to enforce and impossible with swimming. 

Social distancing measures could be enforced, near gym equipment and in toilet and café facilities too, and swimming lanes could have no more than four people at a time.


The Dainty & Heaps 500ml Pump top bottle

The Dainty & Heaps 500ml Pump top bottle is the perfect desktop companion


What we do know though is that government and WHO advice stresses the importance of hand-washing. 

We’ve seen the ritual in supermarkets of trolleys and baskets being cleaned and hand sanitiser on offer – this could work for gyms.

Already, gyms have sanitising stations. Members are encouraged to spray and wipe down equipment after use. This encouragement could arguably be made compulsory with hand sanitisers issued to each gym member in a small flip bottle, that we can supply at £125 per box, with each carton containing 125 units. You can see this here

The reception area near the barriers could have 500ml flip or pump bottles available at entry, with these dotted around the gym and swimming area in various places.

Clearly these are worrying times in the UK and globally, but if some level of normality is to return, healthy habits of hand sanitising in gyms and pools need to become habitual.

We all would like to swim again, see family and friends and treat ourselves in a beauty salon, with Dainty&Heaps helping your business and customers adapt to healthy habits.