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Dainty & Heaps are a Derbyshire based company who believe the route to success for all of their clients is to provide the best facilities, highest quality healthcare products and outstanding customer service. 

Here at Dainty & Heaps, we strive to ensure that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality and that the customer experience is outstanding.

Currently on the journey to being a certified ISO 9001 manufacturing facility we provide all of our clients the comfort of full traceability for all of our product range, Including MSDS reports, COA’s and testing results.

With 600sqm clean room, the considerable investment into production and packaging lines have provided a manufacturing facility with the capability of producing in excess of 500,000 units of hand sanitiser products per week.

Compliance is critical – all of our sanitiser & healthcare products are tested to ensure that the elements meet home office and food regulations. Labels are cross checked by compliance specialists to ensure that no claims are made in contravention of current legislation.

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Dainty & Heaps laboratory

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Family First

Dainty & Heaps are a family, and we know that protecting those close to you is essential during the crisis our nation now finds itself in. A new emphasis has been put on hygiene and now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves and each other!

As well as producing fully compliant, safe products for the consumer, we are also supporting the economy. Our alcohol based hand sanitiser is manufactured right here in the UK, from the ingredients, to the bottles and labels. We at Dainty & Heaps value the positive impact we can make on supporting UK jobs and the economy.