5L screw top hand sanitiser

5 Litre Screw Top Hand Sanitiser


Dainty&Heaps 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser can be used when you’re out and about in the absence of water to eliminate commonly occurring
bacteria and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses. This Alcohol based hand sanitiser comes
in a liquid form that rapidly evaporates and moisturises leaving the skin feeling clean, soft and smooth. The formulation follows the World Health
Organisation Formula 1. The microbicidal activity of the WHO-recommended formulation 1 was tested by WHO reference laboratories according
to EN standards (EN 1500). Their activity was found to be equivalent to the reference substance (isopropanol 60% v/v) for hygienic hand

General Information

Bottle shape and size: Standard 5ltr HDPE container with cap, 282×185.9×133.6mm, 4.310Kg

Caton Quantity (605x280x135mm): 4 units, (10 Cartons on a Layer), 1 Carton = 17.88kg 300x283x373mm

Pallet Quantity (1000x1200x2100mm): 160 pcs (671kg) (4 layers of 10 cartons) (1000x1200x2100mm)

Ingredients: Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol), Water (Aqua), Glycerine (Glycerol), Hydrogen Peroxide (H202), Acrylates Copolymer (Emul34(U), Triethanolamine Pure, Denatonium Benzoate

Form: Liquid

Appearance: Cloudy Colourless

Origin ingredients: EU

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Certification: ISO9001, EN1500